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How much magnesium do you need per day? The German Nutrition Society (DGE) as well as the Food and Nutrition Board (FNB)* recommend that adults should take between 300 mg and 400 mg of magnesium a day, depending on their age and gender, to satisfy their daily magnesium requirements. In case of magnesium deficiency, the World Health Organisation (WHO) specifies a daily dose of 300 mg magnesium to treat magnesium deficiency independent of age and gender.

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Magnesium-Diasporal® by Protina contains organic magnesium citrate that naturally occurs in the human body. That is why it is particularly biocompatible and fast-acting. Choose your ideal magnesium preparation out of our vast range with different forms and tastes. High-quality Protina products make it easy to supply your body with the adequate amount of magnesium.

Why Magnesium-Diasporal® by Protina

Magnesium-Diasporal® stands for high quality – based on a premium-quality magnesium in appropriate dosages. An adequate magnesium intake is only guaranteed when both criteria are present. The Protina brand offers:

  • High-quality products produced in line with international drug safety standards
  • “Made in Germany”: produced and quality-controlled in Germany
  • Product development based on the latest scientific findings  
  • Processing of mainly organic ingredients
  • State-of-the-art production facilities
  • Large variety of dosage forms, all lactose and gluten free

The Magnesium-Diasporal® product range

  • Magnesium-Diasporal® 300 mg – granules for oral solution: with pure magnesium citrate as it naturally occurs in the human body, which makes it particularly biocompatible and fast-acting
  • Magnesium-Diasporal® 300 direct – granules for direct use: intake without water, refreshing lemon taste
  • Magnesium-Diasporal® 400 EXTRA – granules for oral solution: EXTRA STRONG with 400 mg magnesium and EXTRA FRUITY due to natural orange juice concentrate
  • Magnesium-Diasporal® 400 EXTRA direct – granules for direct use: EXTRA STRONG with 400 mg magnesium and EXTRA FRUITY due to natural orange juice powder, intake without water 
  • Magnesium-Diasporal® 400 EXTRA capsules: EXTRA STRONG with 400 mg magnesium and EXTRA CONVENIENT in a resealable can
  • Magnesium-Diasporal® 100 – lozenges: convenient for on the go, with a mild orange taste 
  • Magnesium-Diasporal® 150 – capsules: small and easy to swallow, neutral taste
  • Magnesium-Diasporal® 250 active – effervescent tablets: quickly and clearly soluble, refreshing lemon taste

For more detailed product information, please consult the Magnesium-Diasporal® ’s brand website. Do not hesitate to contact us for further questions about our brands or the Protina Pharmazeutische GmbH company.