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At the cutting edge of mineral nutrient research

Research & Development

Protina is actively involved in the scientific research of minerals. Our company’s own research and development department works in close cooperation with renowned universities and scientific institutions. On the basis of clinical trials, we proof the efficacy of our products. 

Our focus is on:

  • Magnesium to prevent and treat certain indications such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or migraine
  • Regulating the body’s acid-base balance as a basis of various metabolic processes
  • The effects of an alkaline diet on certain indications including renal insufficiency, chronic joint problems or osteoporosis

As part of our research, we also supervise bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral theses together with our cooperation partners. If you are interested, feel free to contact our medicine and science department and find out more about education possibilities and advanced training opportunities at Protina.

Our cooperation partners

In addition, we are actively involved in various scientific associations, among them the German Society for Magnesium Research e.V. and the Society of Minerals and Trace Elements e.V.. We are also members of the Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry e.V.  as well as of the Food Federation Germany.

NuOmix Research k.s. - Applied Nutriomic Research            
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ILUG – Institut für Leistungsdiagnostik und Gesundheitsförderung e.V.
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IPEV – Institut für Prävention und Ernährung                             
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BioMed - Biomedical Center Martin, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University
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Dr. Tanja Werner

Head of Medizine and Science